Luanascape exhibition

28 April - 22 May 2022

LUANASCAPE is a solo show of new works by London based artist Luana Asiata. With a background in both Fine Arts and Graphic Design, Luana studied painting in New Zealand, and then worked as a freelance creative designer/art director in both publishing and a wide range of design for film, fashion, food and agriculture.

LuanaScape at Unlimited
Luana dealt with her move to London from NZ by seeking out new places and connecting with people that reminded her of home. She created a bold collection of work based on her travels which won her a new talent award at Top Drawer. She has since taken part in pop-ups and exhibitions, and is currently shortlisted for the RA Summer Show.

Original painting by Luana Asiata

Luana continually reimagines the world in her abstract interpretations, reducing what she sees into shape, colour and pattern. Music also influences the way she paints, rhythmically setting a pace and visualising colour vibrations. 

Luana Asiata prints at Unlimited

This collaboration with Luana is the result of a couple of successful years showcasing her artwork here at Unlimited. This wonderful new collection of pieces on show here for LUANASCAPE are inspired by her love of Sussex - Brighton, West Pier and the murmurations in particular. You can see all of Luana's prints available here

Luana at Unlimited