Lizzie Hillier

Lizzie is a Fine Art Printmaker based in East Sussex. She studied Fine Art Print at Goldsmiths College and MA Design at the University of Brighton. 

Dynamic textures and expansive fields of colour suffuse her work. Lizzie’s practice is grounded in the opposing characteristics of logical and intuitive decision-making. Balance is derived from the continual play between directness, immediacy, chance and structure to create uplifting and atmospheric works.

Gestural energetic marks evoke elements of land, sea and sky. The work acts as a conduit, distilling her experience of the environment through colour, texture and shape. Hillier explores the tension between strong forms and fluid surfaces. Experimenting with translucency and opacity, colours are layered to create depth and vibrancy. Navigating a diametric visual language, her work explores relational components in search of balance.

She examines elements of perfection and discord. In her studio practice a fluent visual conversation fuels an unfolding investigation. Each layer is a waypoint, mapping the print story. Traversing the concrete and wilderness of human experience, distilling feeling and memory.