Angus Vasili

Angus Vasili studied Graphic Design and Illustration in Liverpool, where he honed his skills and developed a passion for process-driven work. His unique style of work beautifully fuses together screen-printing, photography and hand-finished texture, whilst his practice is intuitive, continually evolving and informed by the experimental. 

Angus' work is inspired by urban decay, particularly decay in posters and billboards, which has developed into abstracts referencing nature. The juxtaposition of finding a more traditional beauty from a non-traditional starting point of urban decay is the driving force behind his art.

His works reflect how we view neglected spaces in the urban landscape and the importance of finding the right balance between deconstruction and reconstruction. Angus' work explores the conflict between the two, reflecting on the hidden beauty that can be found in decay - by literally ripping things apart he allows chance accidents in his analogue techniques to bring about spectacular visual instances - resulting in a raw and dynamic contemporary aesthetic.