Pulling Power 2 exhibition

14 October - 6 November 2022

Pulling Power returns for a second year!

After the amazing success of this show in October 2021, we decided to bring back the fantastic line-up of artists (plus a few brilliant new ones) to Unlimited and get them to create more exciting and exclusive artworks for you!...

Pulling Power is our exhibition celebrating the very best of contemporary graphic screenprinters. This year we are joined by 8 of the top! Coming back for more are inky giants Mark McClure, Jonathan Lawes, Katy Binks, Print Garage, Fatherless and Diane Bresson. Joining us for the first time are the fabulous Andy Welland and Emma Studd!

Phew... It's a brilliant show... Miss it and miss out! ;-D

If you can't make in to our Brighton shop & gallery do not fear! All the work from the show is online here!

Pulling Power at Unlimited

Pulling Power at Unlimited

Andy Welland at Unlimited

Skylarking by Print Garage

Manifold by Katy Binks